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OdgovorNapisal/-a TimberHoffWandy dne 08 okt 2005 19:06

I have some problems witm model 2400. When I first set it up, it didn't start, so I disconected and reconected it to the power supply. Then it worked for seven days. Today I unplug it because of water change in aquarium. When I plug it back to power, it didn't run (it doesn't turn).
Any ideas?
Zadnjič spremenil TimberHoffWandy, dne 08 okt 2005 21:16, skupaj popravljeno 1 krat.
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OdgovorNapisal/-a TomL dne 08 okt 2005 19:32

TomL Napisal/-a:the results so far have been great...

Well I have turned off the pump frequently so far due to the fact that I stop the current during feeding time. And so far no problems were encountered in this direction. But...

Twice in the last few days pump has started to clatter while being operational. So I turn it off, took it out and thought that maybe some piece came into... there was nothing. So I put it back into aquarium and the pump worked as normal as nothing happened before.

So therefore I hope that this clattering is not telling me to prepare my wallet....
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OdgovorNapisal/-a george dne 22 okt 2005 1:56


sorry for my late feedback but first I was on hollyday and then I wanted to get an overview over the current problems that there have been with the Marea in your country. Bojan has contacted me and told me that there were several cases of pumps that suddenly stop and do not turn on again. I have talked with the manufacturer and Bojan was also so kind to do some testings so that we have finally come to the result that the problem is because of a different voltage supply in your country. The Marea is made to be used with 200-250V. When the voltage drops below 200V the pumps stops working and will not turn on again by itself. It seems not to be so unusual that the voltage may drop below 200V I have been told but the fact is that so far these problems have been reported only from Slovenia. In the meantime the only thing I can do is stop the distribution of Marea to Slovenia untill I do have a clear overview about the number of pumps that are making problems. If you have not done it yet you should contact your retailer so that he can forward these things to me.
I am very sorry that there are these problems but this was really something nobody could expect. We have already sold thousends of Mareas throughout Europe with not even one case like this. Let me ensure you that I am taking this very serious and I will do my very best to find a solution to these problems.


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